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Doe Mountain Recreational Area

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“The mission of the Doe Mountain Recreation Authority is to transform Doe Mountain into a safe, fun, family-oriented, outdoor recreational destination that promotes local economic development while conserving and protecting its beauty, woods, water and wildlife.”

Doe Mountain

Doe Mountain is a multi-use family-oriented outdoor recreation area in the beautiful mountains of Johnson County, Tennessee.  Doe Mountain, in Northeast Tennessee, is a range that runs approximately 16 miles between Mountain City and the headwaters of Watagua Lake, the highest lake in the TVA system.

The recreation area contains approximately 8,600 acres of mostly forested land criss-crossed by miles of roads and trails built for the mining and logging activities that once took place on the mountain. These historical roads and trails are forming the backbone of the multi-use trail system that will be the centerpiece of Doe Mountain recreation. The State of Tennessee purchased Doe Mountain in May 2012 and established the Doe Mountain Recreation Authority (DMRA) to manage Doe Mountain. The DMRA is charged with preparing a master plan for Doe Mountain; conserving the land, waters, and wildlife of Doe Mountain; and fostering economic development through recreational opportunities on the mountain.

Something for Everyone

Whether it is our trails for OHV (Off Highway Vehicles) that stretch almost 30 miles or an afternoon hike or mountain bike ride, Doe Mountain is almost irresistible.


“Doe Mountain is just absolutely beautiful! Not many other places like it.”

CJ Hallock

The Recreational Area For An Adventure

When it comes to recreational activities. We offer something a little more special.

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